Snow Covered Jordan Pines Engagement Session

February 19th, 2021

Lexi and Rick, you guys are so much fun to hang with! Alex and I had such a blast galavanting in the deep snow with the two of you for this session :) We loved how easy going and care free you two are. Simply put, we also enjoyed your company, because you guys are awesome.

Jordan Pines was a winter wonderland. We are still surprised Lexi got out of their with her slip on shoes still on! If you were to step off the path, you would sink to your waist! This deep snow created some challenges for us as photographers but also opened up more creative opportunities. Needless to say, we got a work out in that day. 

Some highlights that we are sure Lexi & Rick won't forget are, Alex throwing chunks of snow on them for creative purposes; Rick taking one for the team and sitting on snow at the very end, resulting in a very wet bottom (thank you Rick); To Rick's amusement, Lexi's dress popping open whenever she made large movements and revealing her bosom to the world, Ha!; Alex acting as our beneficial pack mule/gofer; and most importantly, the laughs, the fun, and the smiles.  

Thank you again, Lexi & Rick, for the awesome session! We loved how your images turned out and the way you looked and smiled at each other, it was so romantic! We can not wait for your wedding!