Happy Green Canyon Family & Maternity Session

August 6th, 2020

We had sooo much fun at this session! We ventured up to Green Canyon which has so much to offer for photographers and we were so fortunate to capture the sunflowers at their peak! The Rentschler family was adorable, beautiful, and fun.  We actually found out we had so much in common!

When I heard Liliana speak Spanish it sounded very familiar and then I learned that Liliana is from Colombia, which is where my mom, Claudia, is from! No wonder I recognized the accent! She then asked, so you have had Arepas? Yes! Claudia makes amazing Arepas! If you don't know what Arepas are, you are missing out.  

Isn't Liliana beautiful! Her smile is so bright and captivating. Don't get me started on their darling little girl who is affectionately called "Grigri", short for her beautiful name, Alegria. We had music playing the whole time and it was so much fun watching Liliana and Grigri dance and sing along to a variety of songs. It was so sweet watching Lucas play with Grigri. You could tell immediately how good of a Dad he is and how much she has him wrapped around his finger! Good luck in the future Lucas! Ha!

The Rentschler's are expecting a boy! Like Alex and I, they will have a daughter and a son. It is such a joy to have one of each. Another positive is that Grigri is the oldest, and girls tend to be more nurturing. So she will be so kind and so much help with her little brother as is our Scarlet with Jack. Liliana plans on naming this little boy, Samuel, which is Claudia's son's (my step-brother) name! Another thing in common! 

Liliana and Lucas met in Guatemala, where Lucas was teaching Economics. They lived there for two years. How cool is that?! Another thing in common, I spent a month traveling all over Guatemala as a nutrition intern, conducting screenings and research on malnourished children to help  provide supplements to those in need in Guatemala. Needless to say, Guatemala has a special place in my heart and we all agreed that Guatemala is amazing. 

Thank you Rentschler family! You are so bright and energetic! Thank you for such a wonderful session and being prepared with all the cashews Grigri and Frisby could ever ask for :) 


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