Logan Federal Avenue Senior Session

October 7th, 2019


There are not many people like Olivia in this world. Olivia's mom, Denise, shared a story about Olivia when she was elementary age how she never had to ask or prompt Olivia to go and do good deeds for others, Olivia took the initiative all on her own. At a young age she was already blessed with the gift of empathy and always wanting to help others. When you meet Olivia and see her in action, you just can't help but love her and want to be her friend. She is full of laughter, joy, and sunshine.

This session was all giggles, which made for some beautiful images of Olivia's natural smile, which, in turn, made me smile. Olivia was a good sport with all of the crazy things I would make her do, especially with her high heel boots! She also looked good doing all the crazy things I made her do, ha! Olivia, you will have to forgive me for making you sit amongst broken and tattered chairs and garbage, but it was totally worth it. Your pretty face and contagious smile made for a great juxtaposition among those tattered things!

Federal Avenue is one of my favorite places to take pictures! There is such a variety of textures and colors with the variety of businesses located on that street, making excellent backdrops. Plus, I may or may not treat myself to a slice of pizza from Lucky Slice afterwards. Alex and I are addicted to that place!

Thank you, Olivia and Denise, for making this Senior session so happy and full of laughs! You two are so incredibly kind, generous, and loving. I had a blast wandering around Federal Avenue with you both. Olivia, I can't wait to see what you go out and conquer in this world! I definitely want to be like you when I grow up.


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