Nature Park Senior Session

May 25th, 2019

A boy and his dog…

Although, if you have met Trey or know him you would know he is not a boy. He is a down to earth, hilarious without trying, tough young man. He is a lot like me when I graduated from high school, not sure what to do, already checked out mentally, ready to move on to the next phase of life, whatever that may be. However, he has had a much different high school experience than the majority of us ever had. Trey had to receive a double lung transplant a few years ago, causing him to miss the majority of his high school years. And if you know anything about organ transplants, you know they come with a lot of work afterwards. And yet, here Trey was, 9 am on a Saturday morning looking sharp and ready to take his portraits with a good attitude.


I had the pleasure of getting to know Trey's mom, Jeanie, during this session too. I then realized why Trey turned out so great, not just because he is naturally awesome, but also because his mom is incredible! She is one of the most beautiful, genuine, and kind people you will ever meet! We had so much fun joking and laughing during this session. It felt like we had been friends all along. I truly admired the friendship and love between Jeanie and Trey, it was so sweet and obvious that these two have spent a lot of time together. My favorite thing about these two was how much they would laugh with each other. I really hope I can have this type of relationship with my little Jack when he is older. There is just something about boys and their moms. It is so sweet.


Trey, I hope you can one day live out your dream of going to Vegas and play a SINGLE game of poker! Just make sure to not turn into my Grandma (bless her heart) and spend your social security checks taking the Fun Bus to Wendover every weekend! Ha! In all honesty, I think you are going to go on and do amazing things and inspire many people, you have already inspired me! I had a blast working with you and your support team :) All of you were so fun to be around and joke with, thank you for starting my Saturday off so great!


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