Bridger Bike Park & Urban Senior Session

October 26th, 2019

This session might have been freezing for all of us but it was worth braving the elements! Not only did I have a client willing to do whatever I told him to do but also did he do some cool tricks on his bike for me! This was such a fun session Jason! I had a blast with you and Pam!


Federal Avenue has been my go to as of late for seniors wanting urban style sessions because it offers so much variety within a one block radius! And it has the best pizza in town, Lucky Slice. We are a bit addicted to it here at the Garrett household. Jason was the perfect subject for Federal Avenue in the fall time. It is as if he belonged there, with his perfect red hair, charismatic smile, and great style!


I do have a challenge for anyone reading this blog post, I challenge you to find the black container of leftover rotisserie chicken bones in one of these images. I didn't want to edit it out because it became such a part of this session, Ha! You never know what you are going to get in the back streets of Logan. Jason didn't mind and was willing to jump, dance, and do some grinch moves for the camera!

After capturing some incredible images on Federal Avenue, we headed over to the new Bridger Bike Park. This was my first time checking it out! It was awesome! There were little kiddos, moms both pregnant and not, teenagers, and entire families there. We wanted to capture Jason's "thing". Which happens to be BMX. Jason and Alex both share something in common, they each have a dream to ride bikes for Redbull and never get hurt doing it. Alex's is downhill mountain biking and Jason's is BMX.

Jason and Pam, thank you so much for being such good sports in the freezing temperatures! Jason, you rocked this session just as well as you rocked the bike jump park. It was so fun watching you catch some air and do your "thing" out there. I can't wait to see what incredible things you go and accomplish in your future.


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