Sweet At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

October 6th, 2019

This session could not have been more precious. Krissy is a dear friend of mine all the way back from middle school. She was always there for me and is a true friend, so when she had a baby it was only natural that I would force myself upon her to take her newborn portraits! I was in heaven the instant I met little Gemma. She is so sweet, calm, and beautiful. I was so grateful she let us move her around so much, and when she was alert, she stayed calm.

Capturing newborn sessions always takes me back to our own experiences with Scarlet and Jack. Each baby was such a different experience! Scarlet was my sensitive, colic, red-haired baby and Jack is my happy, easy-going, blonde-haired baby. Watching Krissy and Mark with Gemma reminded me of how careful we were with Scarlet, every night she got a bath. And with Jack, we just throw him in the shower with Alex and not worry so much. Ha!


The remainder of my day after capturing this session was so happy and full of smiles. This session really started my day off right. I was filled with so much joy seeing Krissy with her incredible husband and their two week old baby girl. They are so smitten with her and you can see why, look at those large eyes and full head of hair!

Mark, you are already an incredible Dad, I could tell in the way you held and looked at your little girl. Krissy, you are such an amazing mother already. Watching you with Gemma was so natural and peaceful! Gemma is going to be so well cared for, educated, and loved by the two of you...and Milo. Ha! That pup is going to protect her and give her a love for animals! I am so glad you included him in some of your images. Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful home to capture your sweet growing family!


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