Morning Nature Park Family Legacy Session

July 14th, 2019

How did I get so lucky? I was so blessed to have inherited Alex's awesome extended family when we got married. I was also lucky to be the one to capture their family portraits! We had a very narrow window of time to capture these beautiful people and the stars aligned and we made it happen!

One thing you might notice by these images is that this family has won the genetic lottery. Seriously! They are all so beautiful and handsome! Fortunately they are all having kids and are passing on those phenomenal genes. I love this family, they are adventurous, kind, and fun to be around. Even when their kids are screaming and refusing to take pictures. Ha!

Doug and Linda, you make parenting and grandparenting look like a breeze! I admire how invested you are in each of your kids' lives and how much time you spend with your grandkids, even though they may be many miles away! Alex and I truly hope to emulate you both with our kids!


As families get older and spread miles apart it becomes incredibly difficult to get everyone together on the same day at the same time ready for family portraits! I applaud you, Garrett Family, for making this happen! It was totally worth the early morning preparation with little kids because these images are stunning! Thank you for getting up early, getting your kids ready, and evading the sprinklers at the park with me! Doug and Linda, your family legacy is truly amazing!


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