Kaysville Hidden Park Family Legacy Session

July 3rd, 2019

Todd and Kari are that couple you aspire to be when you are older. They are so cute together and treat each other with the sweet kindness that you would only find in fairytales but not sickly sweet, adorable sweet. They raised some AWESOME kids and have such adorable grandkids, that if you can't tell from their pictures, just adore their Grandma and Grandpa. We had so much fun in this beautiful hidden park in Kaysville complete with a gorgeous bridge, babbling brook, and tree-lined winding path. It was a photographer's playground.


Did we mention that Todd and Kari raised some AWESOME kids? These are Alex's cousins, and I am sooo happy that I inherited such an awesome family when I married Alex. They are funny, witty, have great sense of humors, and are down to earth. Even though they are spread across the country when they get together they know how to have a good time.

These grandkids were probably my favorite part of the session. They were so energetic, hilarious, showed off their adorable and quirky personalities, and really made these photos shine. I brought along my little friend, Pinky, the pink squeaky monkey to help the kids smile and they couldn't get enough of him! They wanted to help me take pictures and help the others laugh and smile for the camera. When kids act like this at photo sessions it makes it such a breeze!

Garrett family, you were so fun to spend the evening with! I loved your style, how much you loved one another, and all of your beautiful smiles. Todd and Kari, I hope Alex and I can raise kids as great as yours and show our love for each other the way you do throughout the years of marriage! Thank you for a wonderful session!


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