Denzel Stewart Nature Park Fall Family Session

November 8th, 2019

Brilliant minds, beautiful family, incredible golden hour light, fall colors, and lots of joy made this one epic fall family session. I was beyond thrilled when Jen reached out to me to capture their family portraits! We had to reschedule and boy am I glad we did because we could not have asked for better weather and light. I found myself talking out loud as I edited these images. Ha! I was saying things like, "so beautiful", "ugh, I just love these images sooo much!", and "awe, this melts my heart". I really couldn't help myself from talking out loud! I just love these images and the people that are in them!


A little backstory to this wonderful friend of mine. I had known Jen for a little while before discovering that her mother was my high school AP Government teacher. I was so happy to learn this because Mrs. Obray was in fact, my favorite teacher in high school. She taught me so much, and not just about government, she had this talent for making you feel unique and made you feel like you could do anything in this world. She was always so kind and happy and such an inspiration to me. I actually still repeat something that Mrs. Obray would say to our class before competitions and field trips. She would tell us to, "Dress nice and people will listen to you." I find myself giving this advice to anyone and everyone who will listen. The reason I share this tidbit is that Mrs. Obray inspired me to work hard at school and learning and she had such an impact on me. Everything made sense when I learned that Jen was her daughter because Jen is definitely one of those individuals that will leave a lasting impression. She is absolutely brilliant, kind, and a great friend.


Jen passed down her incredible traits to her two gorgeous daughters. With Jen and Dave as their parents, these girls are going to go and conquer this world. Maya, the oldest, is one of the kindest and most thoughtful young women I know. She remembers details about you and your family and is always saying the kindest thing. Jade, is a little spitfire and was dancing all around us as we took photos. I can already tell nothing will ever stand in Jade's way. I am so happy that Jen and Dave have raised such incredible girls, the world needs them. One of my favorite things from this session was witnessing how much these girls loved their Dad. Dave is so fun with them, wrestling with them, laughing with them, and making them smile. I just love seeing strong daddy-daughter relationships as it brings up feelings about my own Dad and how much I love him.

Patel family, Thank You! You are such an incredible family and I love how much you love each other, how hard you work, and how kind you are to everyone around you. I also appreciate how funny you all are. Your images turned out absolutely stunning, just like the four of you.


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