Dreamy Green Canyon Fall Engagement Session

October 12th, 2019

What a happy session! Brandon and Cassidy are so in love. I love their images because I didn't have to tell them to smile at each other or hold one another, it just came natural to them. I can share a lot about Brandon and Cassidy since Brandon is my brother in law, and I think I will share a funny story that will demonstrate how twitterpated they are for one another.


This past summer Alex and I went on a raft trip down the Weber River. We invited his family and among them were Brandon and Cassidy. Alex and I had to take turns going down the river since we had our kiddos with us. On my turn Brandon was the one guiding the raft. We were reaching a point in the river where we must take a sharp turn or we would run into a rock wall. As the raft members discussed how we should start turning and realized we weren't turning we looked back to our guide and found Brandon and Cassidy cuddling with one another! Absolutely clueless to what is going on around them as they were lost in their own little world. Ha! Don't worry, we finally got Brandon's attention and we cleared the sharp turn. They are clearly twitterpated.

When I first met Brandon he was around eleven years old. I have had the opportunity to watch him grow into a strong and kind young man. Brandon looks a lot like Alex but is actually much different than him. He is calm, more quiet, and friendly. While Alex can be friendly, he isn't about to strike up conversation if he doesn't have to, and he is definitely loud and can be calm on occasion but I think I have rubbed off on him a little too much. Ha! It is so fun to see the difference between siblings. I am just so excited that Brandon found someone so sweet and caring as Cassidy.


Brandon is always looking out for Cassidy and Cassidy is always saying kind and sweet things to and about Brandon. They are so sweet and truly care about each other. Separately they are both the kindest human beings you will meet! I am looking forward to having Cassidy as a Sister-in-Law. She has so many amazing qualities. Thank you Brandon and Cassidy for giving me the special opportunity to photograph your engagements and your wedding! I am so excited for what's to come!


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