July 5th, 2018

WOW! Friends, we are so excited to share this Lake Powell Wedding with you today! People ask us all the time if we shoot destination weddings, and the answer is always YES. We love to travel and if we can travel and do photography together, then we are in heaven. This was our very first time to Lake Powell and before going we had always wondered why people are so obsessed with this destination. But now, we totally get it! In spite of the heat and constant sweat dripping down our faces, we had such a blast! The water is the perfect temperature, the people are incredibly sweet, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

But what stuck out to us most was the incredible love and warmth of Alyssa, Jameson, and their families. We could not believe that we had only known their families for 48 hours when it came time to pack up and leave. It felt as if we had known them our entire lives. That's just the kind of people they are. Alyssa's bridesmaids, her two sisters, were each so sweet and genuinely excited to be a part of each moment of their day. During the reception, you could FEEL the love and closeness shared not just by the couple, but by every single person there. Jameson's mother, Jennifer, was all too kind when she told us, "We so appreciated everything you did for our family this week.  Who knew photographers would become some of the most loved and valued members of a wedding!"


Alyssa and Jameson chose to have their wedding in Lake Powell because it is Alyssa's second home. Alyssa's family owns a houseboat and has enjoyed visiting Lake Powell for all of Alyssa's upbringing. A quick fun fact, Alyssa designed and made her wedding dress! We could not believe it! In fact, she was hand sewing it up to an hour before the ceremony. Alyssa, your dress was to die for! You looked absolutely stunning in it, and we could not get over the exquisite details. And then there is Jameson, he has such great taste and had the most incredible groom details. Alex was definitely envious. They both had their wedding rings designed for one another. Jameson chose a pearl, Alyssa's favorite. Alyssa had the inner side of Jameson's ring inscribed with All My Love 1-43. We would love to tell you all the meaning of the inscription, but Jameson has to figure it out first, if he hasn't already. But let's just say, it is truly romantic. We were in photographer heaven!

The wedding reception was held a couple days later in Alyssa's parents' backyard. Alyssa and Jameson could not have planned a more perfect reception. They thought of everything! Yard games, sandboxes, tree swings, and a dance floor made the kids feel like they were in heaven. They chose the most delicious wood fired oven pizza food truck, Fiore Pizza. Soft serve ice cream with berries, fudge, and caramel. And a live band that had talent beyond our imaginations, Ken Foster Trio. So it goes without saying that everyone was having a blast! Especially us! We love capturing true joy and we definitely found it with Alyssa and Jameson and everyone around them.

Alyssa and Jameson, thank you for allowing us to be part of your family for the week. We will never forget the sunrise portraits you two were so adventurous and willing to do with us, even after a late night of celebration. It was truly an honor, and we’re so excited for you to see a few of our favorite memories that we made with you!


Bride's Gown: Alyssa Hartman

Bride's Ring: Custom Ring Design

Groom's Ring: Diamond's Custom Jewelers

Paper Products: Original Copy and Print

Reception Caterer: Fiore Pizza

Band: Ken Foster Trio

Photography: Alex & Stacey

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