Dreamy Green Canyon Maternity Session

April 21, 2018

True grit. We all know the phrase and it does not sound very fitting for a dreamy, airy maternity session with temperatures just right and absolutely beautiful clients. Maybe it sounds more fitting for a western movie because it is the title of one. But it does fit. Amanda, this beautiful expecting mother, demonstrated what "true grit" really means during this session. Pregnancy is hard but this mother makes it look easy. After experiencing pregnancy, Stacey really understands what women are truly made of and how incredible mothers are, because, simply put, pregnancy is hard.


This session was extra special, Amanda is Stacey's oldest sister! We are so excited to have another nephew (this will be our 3rd)! Being an Aunt and Uncle is the best gig. Amanda is 37 weeks here! 37 weeks! And in early labor! She was experiencing contractions during this session and handled them like a champ. When it came time to capture her beautiful belly she hesitated and asked if we could edit out the bruises on her skin. Amanda has a blood clot in her leg, which means she has to inject blood thinners into her stomach to keep little baby boy and herself safe but it also means feeling awful all of the time and leaving dark bruises behind. Stacey offered her encouragement with, "They are beautiful, it portrays what you have endured to bring this little guy into this world."

Amanda and Jeff, we loved watching you adore Amanda's amazing belly bump! We know you are going to be amazing parents to this little guy. Amanda, you make one beautiful pregnant woman! And we admire how Jeff looks after his tough and amazing sweetheart. Alex can definitely relate to you! We are sure expecting fathers everywhere can relate to the helpless feeling you experience as you watch your sweet companion endures such difficulties and knowing there is not much you can do. But you are always willing to ask and do whatever is needed.

Amanda and Jeff thank you for reminding us of how rewarding our jobs are and letting us capture the unconditional love that expecting mothers and fathers have for someone they haven't even met yet. We just can't wait to meet this little guy! He will be here before you know it, so enjoy the freedom while it lasts!

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