Utah State Capitol First Look & Formals Session

May 18th, 2018

The first words a groom speaks to his lovely bride when seeing her for the first time can either place tears in your eyes or make you grin ear to ear and melt your heart. We aren't the most emotional people but we did grin ear to ear and have the warmest hearts during this entire session. This session at first wasn't looking too great. We originally planned on Albion basin but it turned out to be snowy and scattered rain storms. Luckily, our bride, Kadra, had a Plan B of where she would like to capture their first look and formals! Always have a Plan B.


Plan B was the Utah State Capitol and it was AMAZING!!! It was as if we were guided there by divine intervention. Thank you Kadra for selecting such a great location and for choosing Jessica Brown and Julia Price for your hair and makeup because you looked stunning. From the beautiful tree-lined gravel pathways to the elegant Marble staircases and gorgeous mountain views. The scattered rainstorms skipped over us and we even had a spontaneous bubble session with a man named Abraham! He was incredible! He had some awesome bubble solution and was so sweet to make as many bubbles as we wanted for our pictures, and you can guarantee that we played in them too! Kadra's expressions during this part of the session were priceless.


Taylor and Kadra, you two were the sweetest for your first look. We could sense the anticipation and excitement radiating from each of you. Taylor, your first words were exactly what every groom should say, "Oh you look so beautiful!" We loved the way you two instantly hugged and kissed each other. From that moment on the session just flowed so easily. Working with the talented videographer, Breckan Steiner, with Brave Productions Co. was incredible. She brought so much talent and movement to our images.

Thank you Taylor and Kadra for creating such a fun and exciting session! We could tell that all you wanted to do from that moment on was to get married and begin your amazing adventure together. After witnessing you two with each other in your wedding dress and suit we were even more excited to capture your wedding day the next day! Thank you for letting us be a part of such an intimate and sweet part of your wedding experience. Your first look is one we will never forget!


Formals Venue: Utah State Capitol

Floral Design: Plant Peddler

Bride's Gown: Petals and Promises

Bride's Ring: Dave Love

Bride's Shoes: Free People

Hair: Jessica Brown

Makeup: Julia Price

Photography: Alex & Stacey

Videography: Breckan Steiner

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Alex & Stacey Garrett

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