June 15th, 2018

A family we hope to be just like in 10 years. The Ballard family is just so charming. They are beautiful inside and out and are so easy to hang out with and talk to. We ended up leaving 45 minutes after the scheduled end of their session because we couldn't help but sit and chat with them. Nicole and Rick have been married for 16 years! Woohoo! They are so adorable together and we love how adventurous they are. The reason we hope to be them? It's pretty obvious, they have adorable sweet children, fun personalities, are active, go on a lot of family trips together, and are adventurous.


Rick actually had an emergency appendectomy a few days before this session! He was such a champ and kept reassuring Nicole prior to the session that he would be okay. We think it is because he knew how much these family portraits meant to her. Their kids really stole the show though. With names like Iris, Sloane, and Jonas you can't go wrong. Iris always looking after her younger siblings with a quiet sweet nature. The first thing Sloane asked us was, "Guess how old I am?!" She loved being in front of the lens and showed off her jumping skills.

Jonas, who is two years old, was more preoccupied with the old car in the corner of the field, breaking into the building, or throwing rocks. He also LOVED his stuffed monkey, maybe that is why he took to Alex so well. At the end of the session he wouldn't let go of Alex's fingers. He had made a buddy out of him. It was so adorable to watch, it made Stacey want a little boy for Alex to be buddies with.

Nicole and Rick, thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to capture your sweet family. It was so fun doing an urban vibe and you all looked so GOOD! You will have to let us all know what your secret to life is!

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