August 10, 2018

We have been doing a lot of Legacy Family Sessions, which are sessions for families that have at least three generations present. As you can imagine we have to be very organized and prompt when it comes to these sessions in order to get portraits of EVERYONE. We just love it when the families we capture are so down to earth, plan their outfits well, and are so trusting and up for anything we tell them to do. The Peterson family were just this, they showed up looking picture perfect and had the most beautiful smiles and contagious laughs. You never know what you are going to get with little kids but we were on cloud nine with these four little ones and their ADORABLE personalities. We had an absolute blast with this family. Angie had the awesome idea of doing it at the Laub's Vineyard, an old family friend, and when we went to check out the location prior to the session we just fell in love. It is a photographers dream at the Laub's vineyard. The Laub's thought out every detail so well in designing and constructing their beautiful vineyard.

As much as location and lighting are important in a session, the most important thing is how your clients feel. If they aren't comfortable their images reflect that. You do not see any of that here with the Peterson family. When it came time to capture all of the grandkids together, Stacey had her very own army of people behind the camera to get their smiles and laughs. It was quite the scene that we will never forget, a bunch of grown adults making outrageous noises and faces all at once at four little kids and their grandparents. We can't stop laughing about it! Thank you so much Peterson family for being such good sports and for being so helpful when it came to getting your little ones to smile and laugh for the camera.


Angie and Bill Peterson are just so incredible. They have the unique gift to make anyone feel welcome and invited. Angie has such a way about her that makes you feel like instant friends. Anyone who knows Angie will tell you just how sweet, incredible, and amazing she is. Bill is so funny and is just as warm and welcoming as his better half. They definitely passed this on to each of their children that when it came time to capture just the five of them we hardly had to do anything to get them to give us a natural smile. They just knew how to have a good time with one another and it was so sweet to witness. This family is definitely one that will remain close all of their lives.

We want to THANK YOU Peterson family for giving us the opportunity to capture this moment in time for you. We had such a blast laughing and hanging out with you. Thank you for being an example and hope for us that we can strive for our family to be just the same as yours in future. We hope you had as much fun as we did and enjoy your pictures as much as we do!

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Alex & Stacey Garrett

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