August 4th, 2018

We have been so blessed to get to know the Sigler Family over the last couple of years, and they are the type of people that the more you get to know them the more impressed you are by them. Emily is as talented with a needle and thread as she is with her home cooking skills. We have personally experienced Emily Sigler's cooking and we guarantee that you would want to go back for seconds AND thirds, depending on how much self control you have, which we don't. She is not only a domestic goddess but an amazing friend, teacher, and mother. Equal to her amazingness is her sweet husband, Mark. He is a talker! But in a good way :) and he is incredibly kind and giving. The Sigler's Family is full of talent and kindness that emanates from each family member.


Stacey has the privilege to spend a lot of time with the three girls, Emily, Anna Claire, and Vivian, through her church calling as a Young Women leader. She has learned so much from them. And not just what the term "Salty" means or any other hip slang that is popular among the youth these days (are we really that old? Yikes!), but through the way they treat those around them, how happy and joyful they are, and how they choose to work hard and be good people when it is much easier to not be. These girls are full of integrity. Vivian, the youngest, is a sweet and special spirit with so much sass and energy. Whenever she is with her friends, she is ALWAYS talking about her latest crush! In fact, to get her to laugh and smile during session we had to tease her about the current boy that has caught her eye!


Shad was such a trooper! Having three sisters to deal with is quite a task! He was also so fun to take pictures of, with his hilarious poses and fun personality! We are always weary when it comes to taking pictures of boys in general, they are so full of energy and generally hate sitting still long enough to capture images and that goes for teenage boys as well! Ha! So THANK YOU Shad for giving teenage boys a good name when it comes to taking pictures.

Thank you Sigler Family for making this session so fun and easy going. We love your laid back style and LOVED watching all of you interact with one another. One of our favorite parts of family sessions is to watch everyone interact with each other. You guys were hilarious in the way you teased each other. You were also so easy to talk to that it really didn't feel like work but hanging out with the coolest family. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!

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