September 22nd, 2018

Talent packed, loving, fun, and funny are just some of the words we would use to describe the Goodworth family! We had so much fun with this boy-filled family up Logan Canyon on a beautiful fall evening. We have to applaud Allison who so brilliantly pulled together 6 kids (7 if you count her husband, Warren) and made them look soooo good! Can you believe she has had 6 kids! She is just absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Audrey, the youngest, and the ONLY girl was cute as a button and so sweet! We can't imagine what it would be like to be the only girl with 5 older brothers. We laughed whenever we would have the kids get closer together because they would move a centimeter! Ha! There is such a difference The Goodworths are one of those families we can definitely learn from capturing all girls versus all boys but these boys were so great, kind, and had fun together.


As we were driving to the Jardine Juniper Trailhead up Logan Canyon for this session, we were talking about the Goodworth family since we knew them from our neighborhood. I said to Alex, "The Goodworths are one of those families we can definitely learn from. They have such great kids and are so fun to be around. They are super adventurous, musically inclined, and athletic, but also just so genuine." I meant every word.

Allison and Warren, thank you for blessing us with this opportunity to capture your family! We had so much fun with you and learning more about all of you! The love you two have for each other is evident in the way you look at and treat each. The two of you also have some mad parenting skills for raising such awesome kids! Goodworth kids, thank you for being so awesome during this session! You made it so easy-going and fun! We hope you cherish these images as much as we do!

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