Golden Hour Family Mini Session

June 3rd, 2018

You probably would never guess that in between the scenes there was a flurry of shoe changing, shirts not fitting, babies crying and spitting up, and lots of jokes were happening in these images. Meet Stacey's family. The quote, "we may not have it all together, but together we have it all" is all too applicable with us. Before the photoshoot, we had joined together for a BBQ at Stacey's parents' house since it was the last day we would all be together until the end of summer, and afterwards we surprised her Dad with the statement, "Okay, time for pictures!" He was a little put off with the idea of having to change but quickly changed his attitude once he realized that these family pictures were a surprise for father's day. The pictures of us in his office are a wee bit dated.

Have you ever seen the TV show, Modern Family? Well, Stacey's family relates to it quite a bit, with a gruff older Dad like Jay and a beautiful Colombian step mom like Gloria. We laugh so hard whenever Claudia (Stacey's step-mom) is talking on the phone with her relatives or telling Sammuel (her 17 year old son) what to do in her VERY LOUD Colombian accent. Stacey is very much like Claire and Alex can be equated to Phil but maybe a little less extroverted. We make a diverse group but we have a lot of shared good times and stay pretty close together.


Would you believe me if I told you we didn't buy any new outfits for these photos? Everything we have on is from our closets. We wish we could tell everyone that you really do not need to go out and buy something new for everyone. You may have to purchase an item or two to fit everyone in the color scheme but other than that we don't want our clients to stress over it! We also send each of our clients a style guide to help them choose outfits for everyone and how to get everyone "picture ready". Granted, Stacey did have the luxury with this session of reaching into several of her subjects' closets and selecting what they should wear.

Professional portraits do take a bit of effort for families, especially moms, but they are so rewarding. We know the amount of change families undergo, and because of this we believe it is incredibly important to capture specific moments in time. We wanted to thank our family for getting dressed up, wrestling the kids, and putting in the effort for these pictures. It was worth it!

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