July 6th, 2018

Let us introduce you all to one of the classiest bunch of people, our neighbors, Marilyn and Dave. If you have the honor of knowing Marilyn and Dave or any of their children for that matter, you know what we are talking about. Marilyn is the sweetest, most giving, and classiest lady ever. She possesses the gift to make you feel so welcomed and loved. She also knows when you are in need of something and she ALWAYS looks amazing. Dave is one of the funniest guys you'll meet. He ALWAYS has something witty to say and is so kind and genuine. The love Dave and Marilyn have for each other is truly special. We could gush over them all day! We were so honored when Marilyn reached out to us to capture their family portraits and Dave's 70th birthday celebration.


We loved meeting Marilyn and Dave's children and grandchildren. It was so fun to witness all of their awesome and hilarious personalities. We love doing extended family portraits because it is so neat to see family dynamics and different personalities come together and celebrate each other. The two beautiful twin girls you see in these pictures were so sweet and funny, one of which (not sure which one, we couldn't tell them apart), said to Stacey, "You are pretty, I want to take a picture of you!". You bet Stacey's heart burst right out of her chest. And guess what? Michael and Jessica, the mom and dad of those adorable twin girls, are expecting with another set of twins! What?! We believe that they are such a beautiful couple and awesome parents that that is why they are getting double the amount of kids.

For Dave's 70th birthday celebration, Marilyn made sure the yard was decorated beautifully and there were fun yard games for the kids and adults to play with. Spike ball anyone? Alex and I have never tried it but these people made us want to give it a go. Natalie, one of their beautiful daughters, had made her Dad the most delicious carrot cake we have ever tasted. Stacey loves to photograph cakes so she was so delighted when Natalie brought out this elegant and simple cake, and even more delighted when she was offered a slice to eat. Stacey is a sucker for cream cheese frosting! Well done Natalie! And well done family on the awesome celebration!


Marilyn and Dave, thank you so much for blessing us with opportunity to capture your gorgeous and blessed legacy. Families are amazing but can also be trying and difficult and you two do it with ease and unconditional love. We have so much to learn from the two of you. Thank you for letting us in on a special celebration! You guys are seriously the best and we had so much fun!

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