Logan Canyon Mountain Views

April 1st, 2018

Perfect temperatures, hair, and views. This session was as close to perfect as we could have ever dreamed! Whenever we would look up from checking our camera settings we would find Taylor and Kadra in the most adorable and candid poses. Taylor and Kadra, reminded us what it is like to be young and in love again! Never letting go of each other, always holding hands, constantly giggling, and dreaming about future adventures together. We were in awe at the love they have for each other.

Now, we may have more insight on Taylor and Kadra’s relationship as Taylor is Stacey’s younger brother. To say that we are close to Taylor would be an understatement. He has been our third wheel on many adventures! We are sad that his role as third wheel has come to an end, but we know how much Kadra means to him, and we are excited to have her in our family. But we are sure that Taylor is very grateful to have found Kadra! Kadra is incredible, beautiful, and so good to Taylor. We can not wait to finish covering their wedding!


When asked what location they desired for their engagement session, Taylor and Kadra responded in unison, nature! We definitely asked for them to expound on this as there are many forms of nature here in Cache Valley. They narrowed it down to pine trees, in the mountains, outside, so that's what we gave them. At this time of year we are in between the ending of the winter season and entering spring, thus leaving a lot of locations looking dead and muddy. However, we were able to deliver on the wow factor! Every direction our heads turned was a breathtaking view. Our worries of dead trees and mud were far behind us. That being said, we truly believe that we could've placed Taylor and Kadra in any location and they would make it sparkle. Kadra’s long, shiny, luscious red hair and Taylor’s perfectly curled blond locks left us with major hair envy!

Thank you for your easy-going personalities and making this session so fun and successful. From your top notch wardrobe to your beautiful natural smiles and warm love you have for each other, this session was one for the books! Thank you for trusting us with such a special moment in your lives. It is such a privilege to serve couples like you that make these sessions and experiences so special. We are SO EXCITED for your wedding in May! It will be absolutely gorgeous at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. Enjoy this time together and hang in there through all of the wedding chaos!

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